energyXT 1.4 - Modular MIDI & audio sequencer

  • Supports VST Instruments & effects
  • Avilable both as standalone and VST version (load it into another DAW)
  • Effects and Instruments can be routed freely
  • ASIO playback and multi-track recording
  • Includes free upgrade to the upcoming version 2.0

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Download demo
Setup (or zip)
VST plugin versions

Minimum requirements energyXT resources



Easy to use MIDI & audio sequencer with track freeze, track groove and time-saving ghost clips. The easy to use Piano roll features a great step mode for quickly entering drum beats and basslines. There's even a random function for making variation of drums, bass and melodies.


Built-in polyphonic sampler with multi-mode filters and powerfull modulation routing. Create great sounding patches with envelopes, LFO's, the built-in delay and unison effect. Loads 16/24/32-bit samples in moro/stereo.


Create your own custom skins, or download user skins from the internet. Almost anything in energyXT can be replaced by a color or bitmap.