energyXT 2.7 downloads

Here you can download the latest version of energyXT with hundreds of drum loops and sampled instruments for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux.

Download for your OS:

This is the full version but without a license it will work in DEMO mode with saving of projects disabled

Download for Windows
Download for Mac OS X
Download for Linux

Download Loops and samples:

energyXT comes with 400 loops and 32 multi-sampled instruments from Loopmasters. The loops are only available in the full version of energyXT.

Drum Loops (463MB)
Instruments (125MB)

System requirements

- Windows: 1.4 GHz PC with 512 MB RAM. ASIO driver recommended.
- Mac: OSX 10.4 or above with G4 or Intel with 512 MB RAM
- Linux: 1.4GHz PC with 512 MB RAM. ALSA/OSS driver. (Jack server required for audio recording)

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