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User manual

User manual

User Manual

The User Manual gives you a more in-depth look at energyXT (available in english only).

energyXT VST version

energyXT VST version

energyXT VST

The VST version allows you to use energyXT within another host application such as Cubase or Live. Note that the VST version is only available on Windows systems.

XT ReWire VST Demo


Download demo

ReWire VST is a Mac and Windows compatible plug-in allowing you to record audio from other host applications directly into energyXT. Try out the demo today!

Beta releases

Coming next

Coming next

Go here to download the latest beta versions of energyXT and get information on forthcoming features. Please note that beta releases are intended for testing of new features. Therefore, they should not be used on production systems or for mission-critical projects.

Samples & projects

energyXT Loops

XT Hip-Hop loop pack

This loop pack contains 16 hip-hop loops in XTC format, and offers 8 drum loops and 8 instrument loops. The loops can be used as they are to kickstart a new track, or you could create entirely new loops using the same basic sounds. Listen to a MP3 preview of this loop pack.

The Electronic Garden soundset

The Electronic Garden - Soundset

Download free sample presets for the energyXT synthesizer. The Electronic Garden soundset includes over 150 presets covering piano, strings, bass, pads, drums, effects and leads. You wouldn't want to miss out on this one!

Tim Conrady

Tim Conrady XT projects

Download free project files for energyXT, courtesy of Tim Conrady. These projects use custom sounds with MIDI backgrounds created with several algorithmic applications including Jim Johnson's Tunesmith, Laurie Spiegel's Music Mouse and Matucana's ISEQ. Some projects were also created by hand and manipulated in energyXT.