Music creation and audio recording for iOS
With energyXT for iOS you can create, record and work with your ideas on the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and then drag and drop the tracks into your DAW as midi and/or audio files.

  • Audio recording and MIDI sequencing
  • Send your beats and tracks to dropbox
  • Import soundfonts

Create and record music on your phone,
then use Dropbox to open the files in your DAW

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"You like creating music? This app is a must to have"


  • Samples provided by Loopmasters
  • Three main views for arranging, recording and editing
  • Unlimited tracks. 4 types: Drums, Synth/sampler, Chord and Audio (voice/guitar)
  • Live playback and recording with multi-touch
  • Send your mixdown (midi/wav) or multi-track project to dropbox
  • Pattern based arrangement (intro, verse, chorus etc)
  • Multi-track audio recording with "multi-take" option
  • Core MIDI
  • Drum sampler with filter
  • Synth/sampler with vol, pan, envelope, filter, chorus and delay
  • Soundfont import from Dropbox
  • Playback and record chords with 'trigger pads'
  • Tempo and time-signature
  • Swing/Shuffle
  • Unlimited undo and redo

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Whats new in version 1.2

  • Added support for Core MIDI
  • Zoom in song view
  • Audio latency and soundfont bug fixes
  • Minor improvements

Importing soundfonts

Making drum beats

Chords made easy

Shuffle And Swing Rhythms

Export to dropbox

Tracks view

energyXT for iOS comes with unlimuted tracks for making drums, playing instruments, composing chords or recording your voice/guitar

  • Add, rename and delete tracks
  • Select drums and instruments to play back
  • Record audio, drums, chords and instruments live
  • Copy/paster and arrange your recordings in clips
  • Import Soundfonts

Clips view

Enter drums, notes and chords with the clip editor, or correct mistakes after recording live.

  • Tap to add/delete notes
  • Change velocity and move events
  • Resize notes
  • Transpose up/down single note or octave

Arrange view

The song structure is already there. Simply fill inn your own drums, base and melodies in to the intro, verse, chorus etc, and make your own arrangement in a few seconds.

  • Add, rename and delete patterns
  • Duplicate patterns to make new variations
  • Easily change the order of the patterns
  • Set tempo, time-signature and swing/shuffel

Export to Dropbox

Thanks to Dropbox you can send you tracks to Dropbox and use in your main DAW on PC/Mac

  • Create loops and tracks for your main DAW
  • Export mixdown or multi-track (audio/midi)
  • Export song or only current pattern
  • Export to wav and/or midi